Feis Travel List

Travelling to a feis?   We have a great packing list for a regular feis, but sometimes you travel far for a competition, such as a major competition, or travel for vacation where you might not be at home.   Here are some tips on extra things to bring to save money, or items that just make the trip and experience better!

For Comfort

  •  Air mattress – For the hotel stay where they run out of cots!

For Meal Preperation

  • Plastic bucket or cooler – for the hotel with no fridge so you make your own with ice from the hotel.
  • Hot Pot – to use at hotel for making tea, or instant oatmeal – use for soup at lunch
  • Plastic spoons & knives, paper plates, bowls and napkins

Food Items

  • Sandwich materials – PB&J
  • Breakfast treats – Bring instant oatmeal, or granola bars to combine with fruit for an easy quick breakfast
  • Individual drink bottles – for you and your dancer
  • Snacks:  popcorn, granola bars, pretzels, etc.
  • Fruit
  • Canned items like soups or pasta that can easily be warmed in a hot pot