Costume Tips

irishdancewigHere are a lot of great tips that relate to Irish dance costumes.  Some are just listed below, and others will take you to a different website with more information.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions on tips and things to add here!


How To Store A Dress

Some dresses have stiff panels in the skirts and require them to lay flat to keep their shape and not bend.  Other dresses with soft skirts can simply hang in a closet with no detriment to the skirt.   Here are a few tips on storing your costume:

Laying Flat:

  • Purchase a picture frame box, or a large rubbermaid bin to store your dress in.  Fold the dress in half at the waist, and then the box or  bin should fit the dress so that the skirt can lay flat with no bending.  Store in either a closet or under your bed.  If you use the plastic bin, make sure you air the dress out ahead of time before packing it away in an air tight bin.
  • Use a large piece of cardboard to lay the dress on and cover with a sheet.  Can store under the bed, or on a shelf somewhere.
  • Some people suggest storing it between the mattress and boxspring of your bed.  This only works with very flat stiff skirts and not ones with puffy skirts.  This might also cause some creases.
  • Use an old suitcase that would fit the dress folded in half, but let the skirt lay flat.   Store in suitcase laying flat under a bed.
  • Use a garment bag or a specifically designed Irish dance dress bag to store your dress in.  Can store under the bed or under a couch.
  • Store a dress laying flat in a trundle bed, if the trundle bed is not used!

Hanging a Dress:

  • If your dress doesn’t have stiffened panels in the skirt, you can hang it in any closet, in either a garment bag, or with a plastic protector, like from the dry cleaners, over it.
  • Hang a dress with the proper size hanger so it doesn’t poke and damage sleeves if its too big.  Cover it to protect it from dust!


Need A Quick Costume?

Sometimes you may need a quick costume to resort to if you have outgrown yours, or you need a quick team costume.  Here are several options to consider:

  • Purchase a black leotard (should be long sleeve and cover your collar bone) – and pair it with a black skirt, or any colored type of skirt.  (Example of a leotard)
  • Wear a skirt and blouse combo.  Use a white blouse, like a uniform style blouse and pair with an easy to dance in skirt.
  • For a cape, you can use a sash or scarf, or even a colored cloth napkin that you fold in half and pin on!


Costume Fixes!

Sometimes we just have issues with our costumes that need a quick fix for a feis… or to hold us over!  Here are a few tips that fall into that department:

  • Dress is too big around the bodice…. Are you borrowing a dress or team dress that is a bit big in the bodice?  Need a quick fix?  You can hand sew in a ribbon to the inside of the bodice – one on each side.  Then while the dress is unzipped, tie the strings in a bow behind your dancer to pull in each side of the dress.  Helps it fit better for a temporary fix.  Cape usually covers up the extra fabric after.